“The Federal Reserve has a stated mandate to devalue the dollar by at least 2% per year. Some years they undershoot, other years they overshoot. Either way, the dollar is getting devalued.”

Keith Weiner

Psst! If you’re already a whiz about things like liquidity, counterparty risk, and compound interest, feel free to skip the schooling. Just click on the last bullet point below to skip ahead & learn how to earn interest on your gold and silver!

  1. Feature #1: True Physical Ownership
  2. Feature #2: Stored Securely
  3. Feature #3: Zero Storage & Insurance Costs
  4. Feature #4: High Liquidity
  5. Feature #5: Transparent Counterparty Risk
  6. Feature #6: Low Transaction Costs
  7. Feature #7: Earns Interest & Compounds Over Time
  8. Monetary Metals: The New Way to Hold Gold

NOTE: If you’re leaning toward ETFs, you’ll want to pay close attention to our upcoming discussion regarding counterparty risk.

Customer assets are fully allocated and considered a bailment, not a deposit or consignment. Customer protections afforded by the Uniform Commercial Code ensure that customer holdings are never considered an asset of the depository and, accordingly, cannot be subject to the claims of any creditor of the depository.

“I love earning more gold and silver on my gold and silver holdings!”

Stephen B, client since 2017

“I was pleasantly surprised to look at my MM account statement the other day and see that I had earned over 2 ounces of gold interest since I started out. It really works!”

Chris G, client since 2018

“Before I agree to sign up to lease my metal out, I’m given a chance to review the whole lease. Also, everything that has been done to hedge against such outcomes is shown to me.”

Pierre C, client since 2018

“With just a small amount of paperwork, we’re on our way to a much better diversified portfolio. We are excited about our gold earning additional ounces. As a result, we sleep much better at night.”

Sandra S, client since 2020

“Monetary Metals has become an excellent financing solution for our company. We’re proud to participate in a program which is working globally to remonetize precious metals, and we’re also gratified to be paying lease fees to precious metals investors rather than paying interest to bankers!”

Stefan Gleason President, Money Metals Exchange